Our experiences help form who we become.  During my adolescent years, I experienced the traumatic and adverse experience of sexual abuse.  This experience interrupted my emotional development and I found myself in repeated harmful relationships for many years following, including a 10 year volatile marriage.   I know from first hand experience how to spot some of the tell-tell signs of people balancing dysfunctional relationships with the outside world.  Once I was able to create and maintain boundaries that kept me safe and self respected,  the process of recovery from trauma became easier. This path eventually lead me to completing a degree in clinical mental health counseling.  Now my path is to help you and/or your family.   

I  feel that helping you with your needs helps those around you, including me.   So I thank you in advance for allowing me into your life.   Many people tell me I am trustworthy, honest, and seem to genuinely care, which they say helps them the most.  I will help you explore your own needs and solutions through in-person or video/tele therapy sessions, whichever works best for you. 

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A bit more about my  work experience:

Before starting my own counseling practice in the fall of 2019, I provided counseling services at The Next Door, Inc., a treatment program for women recovering from addiction and crisis. 


The first twenty-five years of my career, I worked at Mountain T.O.P. Ministries and LEAMIS International Ministries.  During this time, I facilitated short term mission experiences in the South Cumberland Mountain region of Tennessee, Central America, East and West Africa, and in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

My outreach has focused on the under-served, marginalized, and poverty-stricken populations.   

For six years I owned and operated Lorena’s Café and Catering which helps me understand the struggles of management and ownership of a small business.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors and volunteer with Animal Harbor in Winchester Tennessee.


I primarily help people in Middle Tennessee, four days a week in Winchester, TN and one day a week in the Brentwood/Nashville area.