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ask yourself some questions

Do things feel right in your life or are you aware that changes need to happen in order for you to be free from  mental anguish, pain, and fear? 
Is your life happy or do you just accept that this is what normal is? 


I believe since I found my way to happiness, you can too. 
I am not afraid to go with you to the hard places in the heart, mind, and body to get past the pain in your life.   

Relationships – Individual / Family / Couples

Are you experiencing too much conflict with yourself or with others and your relationships?
Are you obsessively thinking about the past and/or the future and not able to stay focused? 
Do you feel that no matter what you do it is not good enough?
Are you trapped in an emotional volatile situation with a partner or a family member?

Changing – Teens / Young Adults / Life Transitions / LGBTQ / 50+

Are things changing in your life and you don't know how to act or respond to it?

Do you have a conflict in what you have been taught in contrast to how you feel in your heart? 

Are you lonely, confused, tired, scared or anxious when you are around others?  

Are you lonely, confused, tired, scared or anxious when you are alone?

Are you scared to be yourself or afraid others won't accept you if you act differently? 

Habits – Alcohol / Drug / Substance / Family Support

Do you have a habit that you know is not healthy for you mentally or physically? 

Are you drained from the toll it takes on your body to maintain your habit?
Do you feel like your habits control you ? 

Do you want to change your habit? 

Is there someone in your family with a habit that effects you in negative ways?  

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